I use a combination of techniques derived from my classical training, my rock background and a wildly experimental approach to composing and improvising in collaborative interdisciplinary works that integrate Music with Film, Dance, Poetry, and Art Installations. My sounds breathe extra life into movement and cast illusions of aural spaces, drawing participants deeper in.

I view my pieces as sonic ecosystems where elements that are punchy, sensuous, and moody soar, roar, and wail percussively along to fuzzy shards of electrical bliss blasting through unknown phantasmagorical landscapes augmented by concepts from American folk traditions, North Indian Classical, Javanese Gamelan, Persian Classical, and Eastern European folk traditions.

I enjoy using my hands to coax out the noises that live between frets by finessing glass implements against amplified strings. I also enjoy using my hands to manipulate analog effects in real time. I’ve used the swelling din of many feed-backing instruments to create an immersive feeling of primal foreboding. I combine instrumentation in interesting new ensembles such as sitar with electric bass, drum kit, and turntables or Koto with Harp, Erhu, Gayageum and Changgo.

Since 1997, I’ve been drumming in, co-composing for, and producing the collaborative ensemble The Dagons with vocalist, guitarist, composer, and author, Karie Jacobson. The Dagons have performed in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.

I was awarded a Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts in Composition and Experimental Sound Practices In 2020.